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Xml & Sgml Standardisation Framework

by Sir on May 22, 2011

Some of the main advantages of using XML as a technology for web design are:

• Independent System

• Standards of independent suppliers

• Exchange of complex lossless data between systems using different formats

• For programmers, XML parsers are available

• Simple API for XML

• Document Object Parser (DOM) parser.

• Data collection is rich in markup benefits such as XML format can be read

• Flexibility to define labels to suit the application.

XML uses distributed client / server approach. The customer is usually the user interface that is connected through remote procedure calls to the server through a calculation engine or database.

XML is extremely useful in the following areas:

• XML-based Collaborative Commerce

• Movie files

• Content Management System XML based on improved production time

• XML in the electronic management of the supply chain and content distribution

• XML kept informed job seekers

• Logistics moving to XML

• Database of prescription drugs based on XML helps pharmacists advise their customers

• The database for future research

• XML is revolutionizing material handling

• XML links logistics companies to become world power

• Simplify the exchange of complex patient records

• Mobile XML puts the company in the pocket

• XML reduces the risk in transporting dangerous goods, etc.

XML provides a standard framework for information technology (IT) standards. Usually puts some restrictions on how humans or software agents interact in order to enable collaboration on a common basis. There is an additional standard called XML as a meta-standard. Meta-rules specify how other standards can be defined. In principle, one can imagine a whole hierarchy of meta-rules and standards that have applications in the different levels of specificity.

Therefore, XML has been widely used to integrate enterprises, supply chains and web applications because it is:

• Standardized – Many products are available from many manufacturers to implement something like the World Wide Web Consortium XML Recommendation.

• Simple – the technology is easy to learn and implement, with many tutorials and “how to” books available.

• Self-described – simple data-sharing applications can be written without reference to the detailed format descriptions and diagrams.