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by Sir on February 17, 2011

Do you need an xml calendar?  How about an xml calendar you can add to any page on your website to show your visitors your events?

The solution is the Scriptcalendar.  It is a javascript xml calendar.  It will load your xml event data and display it in a monthly calendar format on your website.  You add the calendar to your your page with one easy HTML tag…

<!– scriptcalendar iframe tag –>
<iframe id=”scIFrame” name=”abc” src=”scthemes/standard/scrptcal.htm” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ width=”800″ height=”700″ >

The xml schema is simple to follow.  There is a event editor included to help you create your events.

The scriptcalendar is javascript code, and nothing but javascript.  You don’t need server side scripting.  It gets the xml events from the server using Ajax.  An asynchronous call to the server loads the xml.  The calendar parses the xml after the load has been completed.  Your events are then display to your visitors.

It is possible to generate the event xml from your database.  Construct a page that will read from the database and render the xml.  Use this page as the xml event file in the scriptcalendar.  It will asynchronously get the dynamically rendered xml.  You avoid concurrent user issues in a multiple user environment by dynamically rendering the xml instead of generating am xml file on the server.  By using a database, you can control what events get displayed, and render different events for different users or circumstances.

This is an sample of the xml used by the scriptcalendar


<text>My Birthday</text>

<text>End of the Month get together</text>