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by Sir on March 9, 2011

The new association belvedere retains our accepted message-board discussions while abacus able-bodied appearance such as blogs and wiki documents. PC World association associates accept added abandon than anytime to authentic themselves, altercate account and issues, troubleshoot and break problems, and address their own tech encyclopedia. For added information, see our “What is Clearspace?” wiki document.

Differences From the Antecedent PC World Community

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The association has undergone a few above changes in its layout, as well. First, the PC World website aeronautics on the larboard ancillary of the page is gone, replaced by community-specific navigation. Additional community-specific aeronautics is accessible beyond the top of the page, beneath the PC World attack and the accumbent ad. The vertical ad on the adapted ancillary of the page is aswell gone, acceptance the association the abounding amplitude of the page. In accession to the forums, which are now alleged discussions, we’ve added admission to two added agreeable types: abstracts and blog posts.

Top Navigation

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Click to appearance full-size image. At the top of every page is a accumbent aeronautics breadth advised to advice you get about bound and efficiently. From this list, you can actualize new content, see Your Stuff (including your profile, your preferences, your accessible questions, and agreeable you accept created), appraise your History (items you accept afresh viewed), or browse (blogs, documents, discussions, tags, people, or communities).

‘What’s New’: The Association Home Page

The “What’s New” page has pointers to three new agreeable types: the accepted top associates for the absolute community, a abounding account of communities, and a account of aggregate that has been acquaint to the association in about-face archival order, with the newest items on top.

Each affiliated account in the account has an figure next to it, so you can bound analyze it by its agreeable type. You will aswell see how continued ago it was acquaint and breadth it was posted. The user name of the post’s author, affiliated to that person’s profile, appears forth with that person’s avatar. You can clarify this account by agreeable type, or you can actualize a custom appearance that shows agreeable from forums that are of authentic absorption to you.

The Three Agreeable Types

Click to appearance full-size image. The community’s three agreeable types are identifiable by icons and a new blush scheme: a argent accent balloon (and a gray-blue background) for discussions, a blooming amphitheater (and a ablaze blooming background) for blogs, and a chicken page figure (and a anemic chicken background) for documents. For added information, see our “What is the aberration amid a document, a blog post, and a discussion?” wiki document.

Top Members

Top Associates Underneath the account of communities is the new top-members list. Associates are ranked according to their point totals, and associates with the accomplished rank are apparent actuality with their avatar and rank icon. Top associates in the absolute association arise on the home page, while top associates in alone affair communities are accent on those pages.


CommunitiesWhat we acclimated to alarm a “forum” is a “community” in Clearspace. These alone affair areas are listed forth the larboard side, and are mostly the aforementioned as they were in the antecedent PC World forum. Each association contains its own altercation forum, blog, and arrangement of wiki documents. Agreeable can be affiliated beyond communities by tags.

Popular Tags

Popular TagsBelow the account of communities is a tag cloud, a accumulating of the a lot of accepted tags from about the absolute PC World association (and in specific affair communities, on those pages). The beyond the font, the added accepted the tag is. You can bang on any tag to see a account of all agreeable tagged with that chat or phrase. See our “About tags and tag groups” wiki certificate for added information.

Diving In: Inside a Community

Click to appearance full-size image.When you access a community, you will see a called interface that provides an overview of all agreeable in the community, additional “What’s New”; you may aswell go beeline to the discussions, blog, or abstracts for that community.

To actualize content, baddest the adapted hotlink from the Actions card on the adapted side: Actualize a discussion, Actualize a document, or Actualize a blog post.

For added abundant advice on specific agreeable types, seek for items tagged with that agreeable type. For all abstracts apropos to the platform, seek for the tag “clearspace”.

The Credibility System

Instead of basing user cachet levels on the amount of posts, we accept switched to a points-based arrangement that awards credibility for accord as able-bodied as contributions. You accept credibility for starting altercation threads, authoritative blog entries, and creating wiki documents. You aswell get credibility if added associates of the association acquisition your message-board posts accessible or authentic in answering questions. Appearance a account of the credibility per activity and user ranks in our “Community Credibility System” wiki document.

Posting Questions

Click to appearance full-size image.If you are allurement a catechism in the altercation area, you now accept the adeptness to mark your cilia as a question. This acutely identifies it for associates who are searching to help.

Click to appearance full-size image.A bulletin at the top of the appointment cilia will announce whether the catechism is answered or unanswered, and how abounding accessible or actual answers are available. Each cilia can accept a best of one actual acknowledgment and two accessible answers. The affiliate who asked the catechism is amenable for anecdotic accessible and actual answers for the application of points.

For added information, see “How do I ask a catechism in the community?” and ” If anyone answers my question, how do I say so?”

Converting Discussions to Documents

Converting Discussions to DocumentsOur association generates so abounding abundant tips, tricks, and solutions, but award these nuggets of acumen can generally be challenging. Lots of abundant advice gets active beneath added appointment threads. Now, however, if a bulletin cilia contains absolutely advantageous advice for added members, you can calmly about-face the altercation cilia into a wiki document.

When you bang the Catechumen cilia to certificate button on any altercation thread, the arrangement automatically endless the cilia agreeable into a wiki template. From there you can adapt the cilia into a abridged wiki certificate and abide it for approval. If you catechumen a cilia to a wiki document, a hotlink aural it automatically connects aback to the thread; that way, should a clairvoyant of the wiki certificate wish to see the aboriginal discussion, they can do so with one click.

Reporting Abuse

Click to appearance full-size image.Although we accept a absurd and committed Affiliate Adjudicator team, we can’t be everywhere all at once. Do you see something in our association that you anticipate is a abuse of our Association Standards? Now you can address such posts to the moderators for analysis by beat the Address Abuse button, amid at the basal of every message-board post. Fill out a simple anatomy advertence why you anticipate the column should be removed, and a adjudicator will analysis and action your request. For added information, see our “How to address a Association Stand