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All you need to know about writing touch

by Sir on June 28, 2011

Hunt – and – peck typing vs. touch – typing

Writing is immanent part of work for more people. The daily task, the ability to go without our permission. No wonder the need to master this skill, basically, in recent years. He presented a lot of computer courses, which were flooded with those who are eagerly trying to master writing as quickly as possible. Moreover, given the popularity of the courses by different teachers computer themselves, they offer incredibly fast to write programs teacher.

It was natural that sought to improve writing skills. People are focused on quality and quantity of balance. Therefore, the method was invented to satisfy all needs to write a personal approach to each user and call type. Touch typing means to participate in writing without looking at the keyboard. The fingers are trained to find the key position.
It is essential for the development of skills people bring to perfection, to introduce the automation of routine, to simplify life by all means, make it more enjoyable. The same was the case in touch – typing.

Touch typing has become an essential skill, even mandatory these days no matter what you come to work. Touch typing is typing method, where the typist uses the sense of touch to find the appropriate key on the scene. The typing method is considered very effective, as seven of the productivity of labor and allows the typist who do not focus on search and typing the appropriate keys only to realize the types of documents. Way the typist avoids the ongoing process and the time to read and makes the test takes only a few minor changes after writing. Reduce the amount of errors on two occasions.

He had the touch – typing method allows touching 60 + words per minute. There is a much more advantageous method of writing, compared with the – People are using “hunt – and – peck ‘touch typists. Hunt – and – writing Peck called two or more – fingers typing is slower than touch – typing, using this method, the typist need to find each key by sight, rather than relying on the state of memory keys.

It takes 30 to 40 minutes to write a page of text in the ‘hunt – and – peck’ method and only 5 or even 4 minutes at the touch typing method. Therefore, help in model accuracy. At the same time, the general culture of labor increases. There is an important rule of touch typing technique makes this method easier and distinguish it as the method of “hunt and peck.” Smaller droplets of the keys to any finger, writing faster.

A lot of contact – typing and used in practice helps to preserve health. As typists not change the S on the keyboard on the screen, so eyes are tired and do not view the damage. Therefore, touch – typists are able to address the broader areas of work and get tired after a working day less. In the last touch – typing leaves more time for personal life and lets you enjoy your work.

Touch – writing software
How can a teacher and be familiar with touch typing? A variety of programs, designed especially for teaching how to play – write. Preparation of this article impressive freeware share information and read many of these polar opinions about various programs to teach keyboarding. I want to share with you information about some programs that are considered most effective in teaching touch typing. They received many positive comments from users and experts.

Stamina Typing Tutor 2.5 A multifunctional typing tutor with support for several layouts: QWERTY (U.S., UK), QWERTY, Dvorak etc. personal data: work with lessons and text (5 modes), a lesson editor , statistics, graphics going promotion, virtual keyboard (can be hidden), super MP3 sounds and music, playlist, support for some users.

Kiran typing tutor is writing effective program, being carried out especially for beginners. Classes 500 and 500 kinds of essay writing. Measures typing speed, errors for each letter, and shows the accuracy, words per minute and key per minute after every lesson.

TypingMaster Typing Test is a meter to write all the functions of Windows. After warming up with enjoyable typing games, you can evaluate your typing skills with any of the texts of several tests, or one of its own to add. This program includes custom texts, multi-user, the warm-up games, result history, and a printed test diploma.

Max Type LITE is a multifunctional tester script for Windows, which has two different modes of learning. Typing mode allows you to compete with the big of an adversary that can be adjusted according to your level of typing, typing speed of selected text. Another special feature of this type that can record your own repetition write speed would be his opponent. Writing test mode offers the possibility of a statistical evaluation of their writing in accordance with 20 parameters of any txt file.

KP Typing Tutor is an easy to use, you can practice basic typing course, sentences and longer texts. KP Typing Tutor supports Dvorak keyboard layouts (Dvorak, with one left hand and right Dvorak one-handed Dvorak) with special typing courses.

And more than one program, specific to my mind. But I guess you can teach to touch type in 90 minutes! Kaz – Learn to type in 90 minutes v17 costs $ 13.97 at Amazon.com. It is based on only 11 words in 5 sentences. Kaz offers speed sessions â € <â € <builder short practice everyday use. KAZ – Learn to type in 90 minutes v17 is designed for all ages 5-95 and can be used in all versions of Windows XP and Mac OS 8, 9 and X on CD-ROM itself. ”

Touch – typing technique
How to write contact method? Everything is simpler than it seems possible. The keyboard is divided into these areas and, in addition, each area corresponds to the fingers the proper amount, for example, keys should be written with the finger qazwsx little. The positioning of the hands according to the fields, the left hand should be placed on the fingers on the keys asdf row at home and the right of the fingers of your hands should be on the JKL keys. The letters on the keyboard is positioned so that the most commonly used letters are in the middle row and press with your index fingers.

Certainly, there are many different versions of the distribution. The nature of the design is as important in developing the technique of writing. The QWERTY keyboard is more common and familiar, the other part is the most common, but the results would be more efficient Dvorak as he increased the speed of writing percentages 20-40.

In touch typing, not only the correct hand position and the type of format is significant, but the body position also plays a vital role. The posture should be straight, legs should not be crossed, palms and fingers should be loose as if the rest of the keyboard. Imagine you have an apple in her hand and leaves to fall. You must press the keys lightly and abruptly. The quieter the sound of the keyboard is better. Contact the keys with the finger pads and after removing the fingers press the key.

As I said all the above evidence, I want to tell the story of my friend Alex, who dominates the touch typing method through systematic training and exhausting. It all started with the characterization of several documents in their first job. As I said later that the first day of his work he realized that his method of writing very far from perfect and has proved inefficient. In a word, was red. So we decided to change this in any way. He bought a touch typing tutor and went to work. Formed consistently every day. In the past, he said he felt that the fingers had memorized the position of each key. That would come to his studio, he moved gradually from simple and complex tasks in three months he mastered touch typing method. Now she is able to write to the keyboard 300 symbols in minutes. Practical advice he gave was: is it better to start learning to write with the touch typing method, since it is problematic to re-learn from the method of the “hunt and peck.”

I therefore recommend that friends and layout of your hand writing now. Remember “I know because I know how to study how to fish. A number of learning skills that lasts a lifetime and brings many rewards. Just as there are ways to know that competent fisherman, there are ways of acquiring that capacity.” And one of them is to use the keyboard.