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Webcamera Plus is a New Product Which Transforms Any Pda or …

by Sir on May 10, 2011

WebCamera Plus is a new product which transforms any PDA or smartphone into a webcam.

ATEKsoft has released a major update (version 1.05) of WebCamera Plus application, which transforms your PDA or Smartphone into a Webcam.

WebCamera Plus key features:

– Transform your web, PDA or Smartphone into a high resolution camera.

– Can work through any connection: USB ActiveSync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, LAN.

– Compatible with most modern Smartphones and PDAs.

– Can be used as a webcam in many applications: Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Virtual Dub and many others.

– Can capture device screen and transmit video to Desktop PC.

The new version 1.05 brings many new features and bug known issues with the previous version.

– Many Gigabyte, Samsung (WM5), Eten, HTC and other devices.

– Multilanguage core (both PC-side and device side). Many languages ??coming soon.

– Autostart from any desktop capture application (only for ActiveSync connection).

– Control of web camera settings from any desktop capture application.

– XScale overlay is supported for capturing screen from built-in camera applications.

– Stylus and keyboard emulation in Screen Capture mode.

– The enlargement of the image with antialiasing.

– Improved user interface.

– Webcam driver adapted.

– Enhanced.

– Bugfixes.

WebCamera Plus Pricing and Availability

WebCamera Plus 5.1 runs under Windows XP / Vista and Windows Mobile 2003/5.x and costs $ 19.90 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free updates and premium technical support.

About Company ATEKsoft

Founded in 2006, ATEKsoft Company currently has become the world’s leading Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone software development. ATEKsoft company is the developer of products such as CoolCamera and CoolCaptures.