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The role of XML in Dot Net

by Sir on May 20, 2011

To do. NET work: a reconstruction of the computing landscape. On the server side, it is necessary for servers in the supply line. NET. While on the client side usually for people like us who sit in front of their computers, it requires operating systems that can handle the new method of interaction with remote computers. The main objective of all these words, undoubtedly, is to emphasize the fact that the heart of. NET is XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

Why XML is so popular?

The large amount of interaction between the teams. NET allows is far beyond the capabilities of the publication languages ??such as HTML. HTML vocabulary is really limited to trade “I want to see,” Well, here it is. ” XML, by contrast, is positively voluble. Allows for extensive interaction between members sitting in remote parts of the world.

Why XML is a Meta language?

XML is basically known as meta-language: it is actually a language that can be used to define other languages. There are a lot of power and flexibility that you agree to the creation of truly interactive exchange – XML ??Web Services, as Microsoft calls them. XML data can be encoded, so you can move around in an understandable format to other computers. That data will now be used to provide a service.

XML common platforms it works:

One of the great assets of XML is that almost all computing platforms could understand. Windows, MacOS, Linux, operating systems, minicomputers and mainframes, even cell phones are common platforms in the XML working.

XML is the lingua franca:

Therefore, we have a lingua franca to enable viewing. NET, but how do we make an XML document from here, on the server. NET for any cell phone away? What is needed is a method of transportation. This transportation is of great importance to developers. NET.