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What’s involved in making a blog in 2017?

by Sir on March 3, 2017

Blogging is one of the most famous ways in this generation to express what you feel. In fact, it is more than an expression for many. It opens all the gates for the companies and organizations to spread information and news about their products and services. Plus, you can make money out of it!

So, now when you have decided to start your own blog, let’s talk about the requirements.

1. A blog platform

The first and foremost thing you need is a platform to create your blog. There are several options out there. However, WordPress, by far, is the most famous and preferred blogging platform. It provides you all kinds of themes, layouts, and designs. Its high functionality and easy interaction methods make it one of the best platforms for the budding bloggers.

Adding to that, there are several other options such as Blogger and Tumblr. While Blogger is the second most preferred platform, Tumblr is for those who want a blend of social networking and blogging. You can find a full comparison of these different website hosting platforms at http://start-a-website.info/

2. Web domain

Once you have decided a platform, now everything depends on the domain. You can either go for the free services or have a self-hosted domain. However, it would better to go for the self-hosted domain to get the maximum benefits of the platform. This will cost you around $5 to $10 per month, according to the hosting provider you choose.

3. Setup of the blog on an owned domain

If you decide to have your own domain, you will need several things to make it work. First of all, a domain name, which is going to be your URL, is required. The name is up to you. But make sure it expresses the purpose of your blog.

Along with that, hosting is also required, so that, your website can be seen by others. There are many hosting service providers, offering services at a per month cost.

4. The design for your blog

The design of the blog is the format of the page according to the needs of the blog content. WordPress provides plenty of free themes for the users. You can get any of those. However, there are other exclusive themes also, which you can buy for a price. The exclusive themes provide a unique and professional look to your website and help you create a distinguished identity in the internet world.
One advice would be to get a design that exactly suits your personality and fits with the content you are providing. Moreover, the user experience should be top notch with the selected design.

5. Marketing and promotion of the blog

The final thing is to promote and market your blog in social platforms. Create Facebook page, post your content and links in different social media. You need to develop a community around your platform over a period of time. Regular fresh and unique content help a lot in making a strong audience foundation for a blog.

Don’t forget that you can alosstrat a blog with afree services like blogger , you can read this interesting post (http://start-a-website.info/2015comparison/setting-up-a-blog-in-just-10-dollars-in-20-minutes/) on how to start a blog cheaply . So, keep all these points in mind and start your blogging journey today .…