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Swishmax: Perfect Flash Creation Tool

by Sir on April 8, 2011

SWiSHmax is a audible appliance in creating and accouterment websites of assertive action and interactivity by application it’s congenital in features. It is accordant with any platform, which is easier to use than added software like Adobe Flash.

The capital appearance of SWiSHmax are:

1. Includes added than 350 predefined effects.

2. Possibility to acceptation images sounds and video codes in the a lot of accepted formats.

3. Availability of its own programming language, accepted as SWiSHscript for avant-garde users.

4. Export the animations to the SWF formats, originally developed by Macromedia and that is currently endemic by Adobe.

5. Avant-garde Flash architecture for the clear artisan or action programmer. Full architecture control.

6. New Project Templates and Wizard Panel for quick broadcast of included projects.

7. Furnishings accomplish animations with video, text, images, cartoon and complete simple and quick to produce.

8. The adeptness to columnist and deliver your own effects.

9. All furnishings can be added to assorted altar at once.

10. Create and deliver your own appropriate furnishings and components.

11. Supports assorted overlapping soundtracks with assorted complete effects.

12. New Component Apparatus for fast and simple adjustment of accepted components.

User Interface

1. A simple yet able interface that can accomplish arresting Flash animations in minutes.

2. Objects, frames and furnishings can all be added, adapted or deleted anon from the timeline.

3. Assorted abstracts abutment and calmly hide/show all panels.

4. Play all movies aural SWiSHmax and play your movies at preset internet speeds.

5. Sharing assets amid your Flash movies is a breeze with the agreeable library and assets.

Drawing Tools

1. Type argument anon on the date and even accord anniversary appearance an alone aspect like chantry appearance and chantry size.

2. Avant-garde cartoon accoutrement include: Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square, Perspective and AutoShapes.

3. Keyboard abbreviate cuts are accessible for all the cartoon tools.

4. Complex Appearance alteration options accomplish it simple to adapt your shapes.

4. Use AutoShapes to abode arrows, stars, polygons and more.

5. Guides, grids, and alignment tools.


1. All interactivity can be added through a simple card interface.

2. Software editor allows avant-garde user to access scripts directly.

3. A debugger simplifies award and acclimation errors in your scripts.

3. Syntax coloring, custom keywords and abutment for alien Software files.

The latest absolution of SWiSH Max is SWiSH Max3, which added appearance such as a knife cartoon tool, avant-garde appearance operations, and ActionScript 2.0 classes. All the things you ambition for your website like animations with sounds, altar and cartoon are at the tip of your hands, acclaim to SWiSHmax!