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A quick explanation XML structure

by Sir on June 9, 2011

The fact success is a three-line fragment of an XML file showing effectively fashion

The example shows that accompanies a super easy well-formed XML file. Can be placed through a simple text editor or, possibly, some XML editors that can be purchased. When writing the document away, the file name must end with. Xml. For example: human.xml or yourFileName.xml.




[/ Gender]


July 18, 1990

[/ Born]

[With dyes]


[/ With dyes]

[/ Human]

While in the example in this article, the [human] … [/ Human] has elements of other three elements and each of these contain textual content. Since the three elements are usually between the opening and closing tags to the human factor which means they are “child elements” of human rights. This type of child elements provide us with specific details of the parent.

In this case tells us that humans are “male” born “July 18, 1990 and has” blonde “hair. XML allows us to shape each of our collections of data in a logical hierarchy, which has sense. The exact content offered by the children in the picture above can arguably be made available to the attributes used. I’ll be discussing this in my next tutorial.