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Programmers Should go for ASP .NET

by Sir on March 30, 2011

ASP.NET has emerged as an acknowledgment to the problems that the developers acclimated to face with the archetypal ASP. Since ASP has an all-encompassing use, however, Microsoft ensured that ASP scripts accomplish after modification on a apparatus with the .NET Framework (the ASP engine, ASP.DLL, is not customized if installing the .NET Framework). Thus, IIS can board both ASP and ASP.NET scripts on the aforementioned machine.

Advantages of ASP.NET

1.Division of Cipher from HTML:

To accomplish a apple-pie sweep, with ASP.NET you accept the adequacy to absolutely abstract blueprint and business logic. This makes it abundant simple for the programmers and designers to coact efficiently. There is aswell a top akin of ability accomplished through this.

2.Support for aggregate languages:

The developer can use VB.NET and admission those basic things like able accounting and acquisitive programming. Using aggregate languages signifies that ASP.NET pages do not accept the agnate achievement penalties which are all affiliated with interpreted code. ASP.NET pages are precompiled to byte-code and Just In Time (JIT) aggregate if it is requested. All the requests afterward fabricated are directed to the absolutely aggregate code, which is buried until the antecedent changes.

3.Use casework provided by the .NET Framework:

The .NET Framework offers chic libraries that are accessible by your application. Some of the arch classes advice you with input/output, admission to operating arrangement services, abstracts access, or even debugging.

4. Graphical Development Environment:

Visual Studio .NET offers a abeyant development ambiance for Web developers. It is achievable to annoyance and bead controls and set backdrop the way you do in Visual Basic 6. There is a abounding IntelliSense support, not alone for your code, but aswell for HTML and XML.

5. Accompaniment Management:

In acknowledgment to the problems which developers faced ASP.NET provides solutions for affair and appliance accompaniment management. Accompaniment advice can, can be bedfast in anamnesis or stored in a database. It is aswell sharable beyond Web farms, and accompaniment advice can be recovered, in case the server fails or the affiliation break down.

6. Amend files while the server is running!

You can amend the apparatus of your appliance while the server is online and audience are connected. The Framework will use the new files at the aforementioned moment that they are affected to the application. The files which accept become old and needs to be removed are still in use are kept in anamnesis until the audience accept completed.

7. XML-Based Configuration Files:

Configuration settings in ASP.NET can be kept in XML files that are calmly clear and can be edited. It is aswell simple to archetype these to addition server, forth with the added files that cover your application.