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One Look for Smartphone Application Development

by Sir on May 12, 2011

the use of mobile and more specifically the use of smartphone has an opening exclusively for application developers and owners to develop new emblem both revenue and awareness emblem. The usual mix of 3G Internet, GPS and portability means that buyers are increasingly turning to their smart phone for business activities, shopping and entertainment. Unlike open environments such as the Internet, smart phone are divided by a variety of operating systems, devices and carrier support.

Market Trends

Mobile operating systems the goal is the Apple iPhone OS 3.0, 4.6 + RIM BlackBerry and Google Android. These are the major mobile OS platforms growing, others, such as Symbian and Windows Mobile is experiencing a slower development of the market share and also take you from the stage “fragmentation”, plus the reduction market share of production. Of all the competing operating systems, only the iPhone / iPod Touch side permits universal application development.

The risk of fragmentation

fragmentation of software easy to put on is the incompatibility that arises from the programs that start from a broad-based code over time through revisions and amendments, branches into several unique code. A demonstration of technology would not be the English language, today there are many dialects of English round the world. Some are recognizable without effort, while the others after they understand without a translation. The fragmentation makes it unrealistic to conceive a type of an application for each stage, but the developer wants household goods several versions, each tailored to a precise device or operating system.

Fragmentation is not important stage with the Apple device, especially the BlackBerry operating system, with a long list of traditional systems, such as the BlackBerry 8100, 8700 and 8800 families. For demonstration of the Blackberry Storm 2 os5.0 sprints, has a computer screen feel, accelerometer and OpenGL for 3D graphics. The Blackberry Bold 9700, though, began when the same values ??of standard keyboard or computer do not feel the disposal of the exhibition covers not support Open GL and the values ??of a screen resolution of different computer. Things are poorer, possibly with Google’s Android, because of its open source environment and the need for standardized models. Each builder can build a totally unique Android phone running on one type of operating system versions, ranging from Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.1.

IPhone line can be drawn into three main groups, the initial iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. The vast majority of programs written for the stage will run on the original iPhone, except for applications that use the compass, MMS, or GPS. The iPod Touch has no camera, so any application you want a camera will not work. The iPhone 3G is the newest form and is evolving as a reference for developers of applications, especially the residents who use video and position based services.

Android has a large number of devices, but sold in forms “on Google” can be considered as the telephone appointment with the specifications and the extended functionality. The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, T-Mobile G1, Sprint Samsung moment, lost in this category. measuring devices are also popular HTC Android, which include the HTC Verizon Eris Hero and Droid.

native iPhone applications built with the goal of Apple dialect C using Xcode and then submitted to the “App Store” for distribution to the general public. There are some devices from other manufacturers that allow the development of other dialects, for example, Actionscipt (Flash CS5), Lua, and Javascript. The devices from other manufacturers are developing higher-level dialects script recorded above, coverts the figure in the trade items Objective C and also the full application document a.ipa to the proposal from the App Store . Each of these third-party devices has at least some of the exclusive features of iPhone, for example, the accelerometer, the entrance to the feelings of various degrees of evolution. Other features, such as GPS position and camera may be suspended until these devices mature.

Blackberry applications can be built with the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse that uses the Java language. Applications also can be constructed with the JavaScript based PhoneGap, can the smaller the degree of development of skills needed to start development. Blackberry applications can be sold by authorized applications store called BlackBerry App World, or can be traded through third party providers, for example, Mobihand.com. Android is also based on Java, and also the values ??of the Eclipse IDE with the Android Development Tools plug-in. There is no supervision by Google in the types of applications can be built for Google’s Android, but reserves the right to remove malicious applications.

Application Types

On the iPhone, most applications are actually accessible games as they can range from Adobe Flash functionality ported negligible sport to sport in 3D using the 3D unit. Outside of sport, iPhone applications are numerous additions mobile websites using the open API. Examples include Tweetie 2 that uses the Twitter API, and the Insight, which provides two-way synchronization with the base camp. These applications can be built by loner / small groups and do not require artwork made to order or designed interfaces. Today’s nonaligned game developers are obscured by large studies with 3D creative individuals, modelers and programmers with access to the emblem of intellectual property right.

Most applications are not gambling players complicated issue with 3rd party API and follow Apple’s interface guidelines to reduce the requirements for graphic artists. Iphone Android approximately parallel to the sport is best enjoyed downloading applications pursued by the general concern. Blackberry applications are mainly business applications for Poynt example, less sport in the stage of evaluation of bids from Apple and Google.

At present, the experience of truth augmented example, which overlaps the facts and numbers of live internet web camera and GPS in not knowing how you will begin to mature next year and become the mainstream. Applications that use the camera to scan bar codes for cost assessments, in addition, will also play. This article has given confidence a coherent understanding of the smartphone market and its associated ecosystems. Today, the world wide web developers have been waiting outside for the devices to mature and take advantage of its extensive global network established skills.