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Namespace XML to Solve Basic Problem on XML

by Sir on March 28, 2011

Since the xml uses the self-descriptive language where the author creates his own meaning in defining the prefixes used, the chance is that there always problem many have to face, especially when they have to write prefixes with the same name but different meaning and purpose. Many got really frustrated in that situation though, and as you prepared yourself to a good programmer, you should know more about this problem and find out how to solve this fundamental problem.

The thing is that actually you can easily to solve the problem by adding namespace on the related prefix and followed lines of the ones with the same meaning. This way there will be two different xmlns prefix on each root, which each of them linked to specific webpage where the explanation of the meaning purposed available. This is a good thing to consider using xmlns, since it save you much of time and effort than if you changed all the synonym prefixes, which at some cases even impossible to do so.

There are many guides on namespace xml you can explore, which some even describes this solution in detailed explanations. For beginner, it is highly recommended for you to carefully choosing a source to avoid false and misleading information provided.