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Mobile Application can help in language translation

by Sir on May 14, 2011

Not only language translation, you need to translate the language especially when you do not have time to learn the language, there are few mobile applications to aid in language translation.

One of the best ways to enrich their travel experiences in doing business abroad is to learn the local languages ??of the countries he visits. But unfortunately can not have enough time to learn all the terms in local languages ??during his business trip.

There are plenty of smartphone applications to iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms that help translate from one language to another language you do not know at all. But you can go to a country where English is the lingua franca. During your trip, you must have to interact with people. If you do not know how to say something essential like, “Where is the restroom? “Or if you do not know the exact pronunciation of a word, the Smartphone applications for language translation help.

Let’s say you speak English and you’re chatting with someone who speaks Spanish. After speaking English, the phone translates what he says in Spanish. Similarly, Spanish phrases of your friends will be translated into English. These applications do not need a data connection to work, so you can use offline mode anywhere without the fear of data rates.

There are some language translation applications, like their counterparts on paper, but have the advantage of critical statements about the proper accent. Even if they are unable to read signs and menus in other languages, these applications can help at that time by the instantaneous translation of the text that you can take just using the phone’s camera.

if you’re browsing of words translated through any search engine, you have to look far. But in your Smartphone device simply type the particular word to find its translation. These applications have about 500 useful words and phrases that are spoken by professional voice-over artists.

Unfortunately, the download of an entire dictionary in your phone usually takes up a lot of memory, while mobile you can reference all the words you need without any data connection. These applications also come with audio pronunciations, built-in voice search and learning tools such as “Word of the Day” and “Flash Cards”, etc.