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Lern Computer Programming

by Sir on April 30, 2011

Learn programming languages
First, get a desktop or laptop, allowing you to read and execute their programs. Programming is about learning to communicate with the computer hardware to perform various computing tasks. Computer only understands the language of the machine, written in 1s and 0s. For us human beings to communicate with computers, programming languages ??have been created, whose code can be converted into a format readable by compilers. There is a wide range of programming languages ??that vary in their applications and power. You have to learn at least a dozen key programming languages, including C, C + +, Java, Perl, Python and Lisp.

To get your basic right of computer programming, begin to learn Python or C at the start. Using online resources and the hundreds of good books on programming for the foundation. Install the required language compilers to write code and run it on your computer. Working through examples and problems provided in books and online tutorials, to write your own code. One of the best books to start learning C is “Programming in C ‘by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan. Another good book is Programming in C Kochan.

Get a drop in C and then graduating from the object-oriented programming is possible with C + +. We then get a lock Java, Perl and Javascript, which is widely used in programming the client side web development. Learn HTML and script server side if you get into web development. As you can see, there is much to learn and it will take at least 5 to 6 years to get well grounded in most languages. Take help of tutorials and online courses offered by institutes like MIT through its OpenCourseWare.

Start Code writing
The best way to learn is to practice what you learned. Write your own code, make mistakes, learn how to debug the code. Participate in competitions coding and test your programming skills. Possession of open source software, read the code and understand how to write good programs. Learn how leading developers achieve economies of code and logical clarity that makes large programs. Meet the team and the basics of hardware. Find out how the team works at basic levels with memory and processors.

Learn to run Linux or Unix
You can not call a program until you have mastered the use of Linux and Unix operating systems. Installing an Ubuntu Linux distribution on your computer and play around with it. It will provide all the programming tools you need, along with compilers.

Trainee programmers
Expert programmers to take under his wing. Finding a good mentor who is ahead on the road to becoming a master computer programmer. Follow the advice and learn from them.

Code reading, writing code and further strengthen
Keep writing your own piece of computer code and keep thinking how I could improve it. Join the open source movement and analyze the anatomy of the good programs. Pick up your domain expertise and depth. Remember there is always room for improvement!

Let there be no illusion that programming is easy. Take ten to fifteen years at least for you to reach a level where you can start calling itself a full agenda. Its success in programming is directly proportional to the dedication and persistence you put into your learning. As suggested earlier, command at least a dozen programming languages ??like C, C + +, Java, Lisp, Python, Perl and Javascript, read and understand it, you keep attacking new computing challenges and grow as a programmer. The aim of this article Buzzle about learning computer programming was to give a nudge in the right direction. I hope that this objective has been achieved to some extent. Free your mind and enter the womb of the world of programming with pleasure!

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