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How to design and create a mobile websites?

by Sir on May 24, 2011

A mobile website as a marketing strategy today is a very effective way to go about promoting one’s business risk. The mobile world is evolving rapidly and with it the emergence of sophisticated mobile phones is also on the charts. This is something that can be exploited to the fullest extent when it comes to increasing the popularity of a website, which in turn promotes a business, users of mobile websites are much more than those who do the same in a equipment.

Basic Principles

Now, when creating mobile web sites some of the basic principles should be noted that in turn lead to better prospects to your website and your business. The first thing to know is that the pattern, you create a website, designed to be viewed on a computer screen would not be compatible mobile phone screen. That’s why going from the content, the media, needs, etc. to be “business” in order that these mobile sites work efficiently?

Steps for the design and creation

So when is the last task of designing and creating a mobile website, some important measures must be taken into account:

Design – The design should be selected in such a way that would make navigation in the mobile phone is an easy and convenient.

Content – Probably the most important step in creating websites for mobile content is to be genuine and proper that it would be convenient for the user.

Consolidation – When it comes to deciding the codes used in the development of the website, you should use XHTML or XML.

Media – The media in the form of videos and pictures need lightweight as the time spent in navigation should not be compromised.

Size – If you want to fit every piece of relevant information on the page, the page size should be selected carefully.