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Hosting self-expression

by Sir on July 12, 2011

In the world today there is unprecedented opportunity for self expression, and for ordinary people to promote their own artistic endeavours or their general political or social views. The internet has given everyday people a place to make themselves and their views known to the whole world, or at least to anyone who is interested.

For an aspiring artist or writer it is an incredible boon to be able to pt their efforts out into the world and to get some feedback, without the embarrassment of asking friends and family for an opinion. What used to be called ‘vanity publishing’ and was the province of the rich and the eccentric, is now available to the ordinary citizen at little or no cost.

Originally it would have been necessary for such people to construct their own website, but of late vps hosting services have come into being providing the desired space and the public access at a price which is definitely not prohibitive. This has meant that not many now trouble to own and manage their own server.

Social networking sites now enable individuals to have their own pages at no cost to them, but there is still a market for the ‘paid-for’ sites hosted at a small monthly cost, which have more capacity for individuality