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by Sir on March 25, 2011

Are you just tired of just being restricted to one album or storing all pictures together or viewing one picture at a time from your album and often think that could access all pictures with just a single click. The solution is to all your problems is ‘Pax’ Flash XML Gallery. The flash gallery is a shareware application from “flash-gallery.com” available for $14.There is a free version also available. The evaluation version expires in 30 days.

The application is just not another brick in the wall but is a trend setter. The functions and the interface it provides is what makes it different. To start with, it allows you to create multiple albums of different types which helps you to sort your pictures. The navigation system makes it more user friendly and one can easily locate their pictures. The pictures are in red frames on a black background and if you choose any of them to enlarge they become lighter. Next in the list would be that you can two different descriptions for the same photo i.e. one in the preview mode that could be a title and second in the enlarged mode that can contain the main details. Last but not the least; one can also preview pictures in a different way. The black background will remain but now instead of the frame with corners, it will be just be rounded edges.

The other problem that is eliminated is the need to scroll up and down. The pictures appear to fly or float, and they can be made faster or slower just in a click. Finally, on selection of an image the full screen feature is made all the more stunning by the background in black with the faint floating images only just visible. To get back to the images the user needs only one click.