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Create image gallery with captions moving Xml

by Sir on June 7, 2011

Read the tutorial to learn how to create moving images gallery xml with subtitles. It’s easy and simple, but need some knowledge of XML. If you have not known about XML, please try another free flash image gallery creator, Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory, you can create flash gallery available without knowledge of XML.

So the tutorial will include two parts:

How to make moving images gallery xml with subtitles
Another free flash tutorial images gallery xml without knowledge

Now follow my steps and I’m sure the tutorial images gallery xml is easy to collect.

Step 1: Download template xml image gallery
Xml download free image gallery template and unzip it. The package should include _pic folder, file and photo file. xml polaroid.swf. Open polaroid. swf to view the original samples of the next photo, you can move the thumbnails on the motherboard photos by dragging and double-click to zoom.

Step 2: Add your digital photos to the folder _pic
Choose your favorite digital photos to add to the folder _pic. There is no limitation of quantity and size limitations of digital photos.

Step 3: Edit the XML file to add digital photos
Photos.xml Open file with a text editor such as Dreamweaver MX. You will notice that all images are described with the following XML tags. You can put as many images as you copy and paste the following XML code and only has to check the name of the photo red with the name of your own photo.

Step 4: Add caption for each photo
Watch the new XML code, you can add subtitles to review the value of “desc” attribute. Just replace the words in red to your own caption for your photos.

Step 5: Upload your photo gallery on the website xml
Copy and paste the following HTML code on your website such as MySpace, Blogger. While their support website code HTML, you can put anywhere you want. Do not forget to check the URL hit red its own URL. More information about the gallery flash up on the website.