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Cloud Hosting

by Sir on September 8, 2012

One of the newest trends to hit web hosting is cloud hosting. This is the newest type of platform hosting for customers. This platform gives users the ability to have a reliable and powerful hosting server that is based on a cluster of load balanced servers. Websites that have cloud hosting are more reliable than other servers because servers in the cloud are able to compensate for other servers when they may crash.

This means users do not need to worry about power outages, or natural disasters causing downtime on their websites. Cloud hosting is also more economic for users. Users are only required to pay for the resources they have used rather than a flat rate that has been predetermined by the web hosting company. This can result in cost savings, and more affordable pricing for users.

The downside to cloud hosting is that users have less control regarding where their data and information is located. This can create an issue for website owners that have sensitive information, security and concerns regarding their privacy. Cloud hosting may also offer limitations to their users regarding the amount of bandwidth and disk space they may use. Users will be required to pay for how much they exceed the set limit.