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Closer Look to XML and HTML

by Sir on April 3, 2011

XML was basically designed to transport and store data. XML or also we may call it Extensible Markup Language is a basic programming platform where it created not to do anything but it’s basic purpose to distribute and keep the data well organized. Many people have misunderstanding about considering XML as another version or HTML. Many even think that XML is the replacement of HTML. And here I can assure you these are wrong.

Let’s make example of HTML, most of us know how HTML is a platform that was designed to display data. And compared to XML which only created to distribute and arrange good storage on the data, there you will capture the significant differences between XML and HTML. While the HTML focused on how the data will look like, XML works behind the curtain to keep the data safe and well stored. And still, there are similarities between them, such as both are markup language.

Learning about both HTML and XML would be really advantageous for you though, especially with the fact that both are always being used on almost all programs or applications. Just keep yourself well educated about HTML basic to advanced codes, and also equip more knowledge about XML, understand on how to serialize xml, and others you possibly needed.