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Cisco Training Programs: Passport for a High-flying Career

by Sir on March 30, 2011

Cisco was introduced in 1984. The Cisco router played an important role in growth of internet. In 1993, Cisco got involved in training. The aim was to provide world class training programs to network associates. And since then Cisco courses have become popular among professional in IT industry. The industry also welcomes Cisco certified professionals with open hand. In short, various training programs offered by Cisco have become a passport for a high-flying career in the IT industry.

In recent years many other companies has also started certification program. But the Cisco remains on top in providing high skilled training to professionals. Cisco sponsors 9 certificates of which CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates) is the most common certification. Cisco training classes covers all courses such as Cisco Network Training, Cisco Security Training etc. Cisco Training Classes fulfills the needs of the fresher in their brightening their future. Cisco Certification training has many program such as:-

* Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE)- It is an expert-level certification exam. Cisco started its CCIE program in 1993. The CCIE has both written exam and a “lab” exam. A candidate has to clear the written exam to appear in the lab exam.
* Cisco Network Training- This training implement Cisco work LMSV 3, Advanced Services Cisco Unified Operators, Manager and Service Monitor, Advanced Services Cisco Ana Training.
* Cisco Security Training- This includes Cisco IOS Network Security, implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention system, Security Network with PIX and ASA.
* Cisco BGP Training- This training provide student the knowledge of BGP which cover theory of BGP, Trouble Shooting Knowledge, Configuration of BGP on Cisco IOS routers and practical training which expertise students in configuring BGP Networks in customer environment.
* Cisco Data Centre Training- It is highly expansive training program, which includes assessment planning and design, designing datacenter application services, ACE intelligence course etc.

Cisco training class also has some other training programs such as Cisco Ironport training, NetApp training, Cisco Unified wireless training etc., to name a few. So, if you want to join the IT industry then it’s highly advisable that you join one of the Cisco training programs and get certified. Cisco training courses are offered both offline as well as online. So, if you are already employed but still want to get a Cisco certification then you can enroll yourself in an online program.