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XML Editor

by Sir on April 14, 2012

editing an XML file in a WYSIWYG editor

Many people must wonder what an XML editor is. A plain text editor may have been familiar for our ears, but XML editor as a mark-up language editor program has more facilities than the plain text editor, such menus and buttons for tasks and tag completion. This program is functioned to help us editing our XML.

There are many kinds of XML editor existed in programming world, such as:

XML Editor – Textual Editor

This kind of editor is functioned to help us working with element tags. This editor uses the aid of syntax highlighting—colouring the element of the text differently. Although this editor is the most basic one for XML editor program, the textual editor program has many advantages. This program gives us the information which is very similar to the information saved in the XML file. As many people suggest, using this editor is almost perfect for making easy operations, for editing XML files without worrying your editing will be disturbed by any schema and configuration file and for controlling your formatting act. Also, in this XML editor make us able to create many cells in one row.

XML Editor – Graphical Editor

This XML editor is easier than the textual editor because it does not use any syntax highlighting, which is considered difficult by most people. This program is better functioned for XML languages for data than if we use it for saving any documents. Contrary to the above editor, this editor use the aid of schema and configuration file in order to be able to analyze if whether or not we create any invalid document. Another difference is that in this editor, we cannot create many cells in one row, like textual editor can do.

XML Editor – Grid Editor

This editor is a little bit unique, since this editor enables us to create and edit our XML data in an uncommon form, shaped a tree or table. As we can see in many data formed in table or tree diagram, it will make the data easier to view and analyze. The same as this grid editor’s skill, this editor program also make us easy to view, create and edit our XML data. Another feature possessed by this editor is a split screen XML source or we call it as XML grid. This feature is functioned to make us easy see whether or not a node fits into the whole document’s structure.

Of course, there are still many more XML editor programs. The three editor programs above are the most frequently used by many programmers. Observed throughout many sources, each editor seems to have branches again which give us many option of editor programs.


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The Difference Between xml and JSON

by Sir on January 14, 2012

RecipeBook_XML_Example from their website and ...

Computer programming is a complex science. The computer is a tool that we could command to perform tasks formerly done manually in a more practical way. We need to make connection and communication between users and the computer. To be able to command computer perform we need a function which is a programming language. Programming language in question is the Pascal, C + +, Java script and others. It is important to know the purpose of programming before we decide what programming language we would use. We must also know the type of users, computers types and system operations they have. Programming language is classified in two types, simple language and the difficult language. The more difficult language is used for high-level programming languages ?as well as easier language to use for simpler programming.

In web programming xml has long been known as a widely used data format, but now it has a lot of programmers who are switching from xml to json. JSON or Java script Object Notation is a language that has a readable format and notated, while XML is a data format that could be marked up. The programmers who migrate from xml to json considers that the use of JSON is much easier because the language is more easily understood, its weakness is a pattern of writing that a bit more complicated so that the slightest mistake could lead to errors in programming. JSON also use a smaller size so that the programming process would keep continue smoothly even though connection and speed is not stable, not the same case with xml that has larger size, except when the data in xml first compressed into a smaller size.

The difficulties experienced by those who have applied xml to json are that JSON does not support the converse format into other forms such as HTML or SVG. The conversion process is not as simple as converting from xml. In the future there should be some improvement is expected to JSON because the programs in more demand usually would challenge developers to repair. One improvement that needs to be developed is a simplification of the conversion and security fixes. It also required the promotion of cooperation as has been done by Yahoo. The development is expected to make JSON a new favorite because it is not dependent on one type of language course, a point which makes it superior to other data formats.

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Finding Cheap SEO Services

by Sir on December 23, 2011

There are many SEO companies that offer good services for a cheap price. But finding one is not an easy task. If you search for cheap SEO service with Google there will be numerous results, but most of the companies in those results will be web designers, web hosting companies and at times some people who have got some SEO limited knowledge from forums. These people are never going to be of any help for your website.

Also there will be some companies who will offer the service at a very low rate but there will be many hidden charges. In finding cheap SEO service, you can use the Google as most of the cheap SEO service companies list themselves on Google maps and Google local listing. Some of the key words that you can use are “SEO”, “SEO Company, city name” and “affordable SEO”. You can also use these keywords with Yahoo! and other search engine sites.

After getting the results for SEO service companies from these search engines, try to get more information regarding the companies that you shortlist. Try to deal with a local company and make a call or send an email to them for a further meeting. Try to verify if there are any hidden charges and discuss the final rates with the company before finalizing the deal.…

Closer Look to XML Learning

by Sir on March 27, 2011

XML comes as another new alternative programming platform available which focused in distributing data while at the same time also it was designed to store data created. There are so many reasons of why people do really preferred to go to XML, such as extra convenience on distributing data since xml file is stored on plain text format so anyone with any hardware and software may receive and decode the data easily.

And no matter what purpose you have in utilizing XML data, the chance is that there actually so many things you have to learn first about xml. There is no need to enroll to a good college or expensive courses for you to learn about XML. In fact, you can actually make everything as cheap as what you wished for to be well educated on XML by entering those free sources. At internet you may find many of it available to visit.

Whether if you’re a beginner who need some basic courses over these XML functions or an experienced one who demands advanced learning on it, greater chance you’ll be able to find the right site for it out there. Enjoy free learning on any xml topic you want, including also detailed guides to xml serialize you may gain it freely. …