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Build a mobile RSS reader

by Sir on June 5, 2011

Before you start
This tutorial introduces XML handling in Android. To build the sample application in this tutorial, the Android SDK must be installed and running on your development computer. Building applications for Android in Eclipse is recommended but not required for this tutorial. Mobile development experience is helpful, but Java ™ programming skills are necessary for Android applications and will be useful for this tutorial.

Why do you care about an RSS reader for Android? And where XML fits into the picture? First, Android is a platform that is rapidly gaining mindshare in the mobile market. Even before the consumer devices equipped with Android is has thousands of developers are jumping into the mobile market, hoping to be ready for the highly anticipated introduction of Android-equipped devices in the near future.

Rich devices such as Android, the content of the application. Sometimes it is that the content in the form of game or productivity application. Beyond mobile email, however, content that promotes the use of data is the latest news and information. This news content may be as relevant to a particular financial market or something as ubiquitous as the weather. And who is not interested in the weather forecast for the weekend trip close to the beach? Getting data to a mobile device in a way that is organic and useful becomes the challenge.

Android includes the WebKit browser engine. org, which means it offers a superior experience browser for mobile user. However, pursuing a number of Web sites for news and information can be tedious on a small screen with limited input devices. Do not misunderstand, the market has come a long way from the WAP browser and text based on limited information, however, the power of mobile information becomes available at a glance: Enter RSS feeds. RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication.” In essence, RSS is a convenient way to distribute information of interest. RSS XML allows data available, the database contains brief summaries or teasers of the source of information. If interested, you can drill down and get “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey radio show host would say. This tutorial shows the main aspects of XML data manipulation in building Android RSS reader.
This tutorial is organized into the following sections:
Basic RSS
Android RSS reader application architecture
Collection and analysis of XML data with SAX
RSS data representation in Android