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5 Steps to Build Your Mobile Website

by Sir on June 13, 2011

If you own a website and website online store, have in mind to make a mobile version of it. Why? It is simply because more and more people connect to the Internet from your mobile phone in front of the laptop. Creating a mobile version of its website is not that difficult, but there are a number of factors to be taken into account considerations such as the inability of mobile phone to support JavaScript, which is often used in the normal web page. Also, screen sizes of different mobile phones should be taken into consideration. The following are major and important steps you can take if you want to build your own mobile website:

1. Planning

Before starting to design your mobile website, to take account of the layout, design and construction. This is because it is necessary to change these 3 elements that make it suitable for mobile phone screen. Keep all information on the top page and minimize left / right navigation key, and the use of tables. Graphics should also be as little as possible to avoid slow loading content on the mobile phone. And, of course, make sure that the page size is small and the design is simple. The construction contained in the mobile website should be easy to read and navigate.

2. Coding

Good choices Markup Language for building mobile websites are XML and XHTML, depends on the target market.

3. Validate

Make sure your code is valid for use online validation. The codes that are valid are more likely to be delivered correctly to all mobile devices. Some examples of using mobile SARE Validator validator XHTML (W3C), Mobile-readiness checker (. Mobi), mobileOK Basic Checker (TAW) and Würmla (shadowplay.net).

4. Emulating

Once you have confirmed that their codes are valid, you can test your mobile site in a variety of mobile platforms using web-based emulators as XHTML Mobile Profile (Firefox plug-in), wmlbrowser (plug -in Firefox), i-mode emulator (DoCoMo) and Mobile emulator (. mobi). If you have real mobile devices, you can test your new mobile website so you can live with the real condition and that you can find any weakness in its mobile website.

5. Maintenance

To attract mobile users to visit your mobile website, make sure that is always updated with the latest news and always keep it simple but attractive.