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Using cloud storage for mobile device backup

by Sir on September 6, 2014

cloudyWhether you have a mobile phone in your hand all the time, or you are issued another type of mobile device by the company you work for, there are reasons that you would use online storage as a backup option. If you think that your mobile device is safe place to store important data, you should reconsider. Even if you are not using your smartphone for business, there is still plenty of sensitive data like calendars, contacts, passwords, credit card numbers, bank documents and photos that could cause a problem if accessed by the wrong person.

Crimes that involve sensitive data are often times started by breaching the security on a mobile device. If the criminal can get a password or credit card number in some way, the next level of the hack is going to be much more serious. The security for mobile devices has become better over the years, but it is still one of the easiest places to hack according to security experts. Just like with any other service that you are going to choose, there are many options for mobile online backup services. Many of them are beneficial to you and your device, but there are things to consider before choosing.

Do not just choose the first company you see in the list of Google results. Make sure that the company you are reading about has a mobile data backup option. JustCloud is a great example of this. Not all of them do, so it is an important feature to look for. Look for companies that offer a mobile data encryption option, this way all of the data stored on your device is safe unless you have the security key to read it. Some companies even go a step further and offer a private encryption key which is only known by you.

Even though you are backing up data found on your mobile device, another good feature to consider is being able to also access it from your computer. Having remote management is key to being able to monitor the data in the event that your device is lost or stolen. Many times the company you choose will offer an online interface that can be securely logged into from any computer. Sometimes just being able to access the data is key, but in some cases, including sensitive business data, you might want to do a complete wipe of all stored data. Companies might offer this option, so keep an eye out for it as well.…