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How to design and create a mobile websites?

by Sir on May 24, 2011

A mobile website as a marketing strategy today is a very effective way to go about promoting one’s business risk. The mobile world is evolving rapidly and with it the emergence of sophisticated mobile phones is also on the charts. This is something that can be exploited to the fullest extent when it comes to increasing the popularity of a website, which in turn promotes a business, users of mobile websites are much more than those who do the same in a equipment.

Basic Principles

Now, when creating mobile web sites some of the basic principles should be noted that in turn lead to better prospects to your website and your business. The first thing to know is that the pattern, you create a website, designed to be viewed on a computer screen would not be compatible mobile phone screen. That’s why going from the content, the media, needs, etc. to be “business” in order that these mobile sites work efficiently? …

Xml & Sgml Standardisation Framework

by Sir on May 22, 2011

Some of the main advantages of using XML as a technology for web design are:

• Independent System

• Standards of independent suppliers

• Exchange of complex lossless data between systems using different formats

• For programmers, XML parsers are available

• Simple API for XML

• Document Object Parser (DOM) parser.

• Data collection is rich in markup benefits such as XML format can be read

• Flexibility to define labels to suit the application. …

The role of XML in Dot Net

by Sir on May 20, 2011

To do. NET work: a reconstruction of the computing landscape. On the server side, it is necessary for servers in the supply line. NET. While on the client side usually for people like us who sit in front of their computers, it requires operating systems that can handle the new method of interaction with remote computers. The main objective of all these words, undoubtedly, is to emphasize the fact that the heart of. NET is XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

Why XML is so popular?

The large amount of interaction between the teams. NET allows is far beyond the capabilities of the publication languages ??such as HTML. HTML vocabulary is really limited to trade “I want to see,” Well, here it is. ” XML, by contrast, is positively voluble. Allows for extensive interaction between members sitting in remote parts of the world. …

Google XML Sitemaps

by Sir on May 18, 2011

Google Sitemaps is a feature that informs the Google algorithm in the architecture of your site. Make it easier for Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines crawl and index the pages of your website. In short, a map is a map for all pages of your website and blogs. In the absence of a site map, your website will not be indexed correctly.

The programming language used to write sitemaps known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). This makes it difficult for people without programming skills to write sitemaps for your website. Fortunately, Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress makes it easy to generate a sitemap for your website. Take the pain of having to manually write an XML file.…

Why XML Conversion is Most Important?

by Sir on May 16, 2011

XML is an extensible markup language. XML was designed to carry data. XML is an easy way to create common information formats and share these formats and data from the World Wide Web and the Internet. XML is used to transmit and store data.

XML also provides the essential syntax, you can use to share information between different applications and different types of computers. XML lets you publish data, documents and files on the Web by clicking a button.